Internet Marketing Specialist

Sophie and Mollies has an open part-time position for an Internet Marketing Specialist.



Responsible for all marketing activities and online branding.




- Establish a good marketing brand for the store

- Work with photographer to select quality pictures to advertise

- Create ads for local magazines.

- Improve search-engine rankings.

- Develop and maintain social media profiles on Twitter, Facebook, etc.

- Send out quality messages on these channels.

- Drive traffic to websites using a variety of methods.

- Ensure content appears high on search rankings.

- Create Internet ads.

- Establish an effective presence on social media sites.

- Monitor store's online reputation.

- Approve or delete comments on blogs or articles.

- Highlight and encourage positive comments.

- Manage and deliver email lists.

- Design and deliver emails.

- Craft email campaigns.

- Integrate other online presences including social media outlets with email campaigns.

- Follow up on responses.

- Solicit customer feedback and optimize campaigns accordingly.


Send resume and contact information to the following email address: